Explore a dungeon as a hero who is part jellybean, part-pinball!

WASD = run 
left click = smash 
right click = dash (aim with mouse)
Z = interact 
I = toggle inventory

Do you like games that just throw you into the gameplay and let you explore? Do you like cute, round, pink, bouncy things? You may enjoy Super Bouncy Knight Lite!


  • You can cancel your dash by pressing the smash or the dash button
  • Wooden Keys open chests and Metal Keys open doors


  • If you get stuck on a wall, cancel your dash and walk a bit away from it before dashing again
  • If your dash is firing backwards even when you aren't by a wall, refresh the page and reload the game


Prototype built in 2.5 days for Secret Santa Jam using Unity & Topdown Engine

Send feedback or say hello on twitter @alexanderzone7


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